Jul 08

We’ve Got a New Marquee!!

Grantchester Cricket Club would like to express our sincere thanks to South Cambridgeshire District Council. They awarded us a grant from their Community Chest Fund for a larger marquee to replace the one we have had on loan from the Trumpington Allotment Society. The new marquee provides more space to provide teas, and shelter in case of rain.
The new marquee offers a much speedier erection (60 seconds according to the instructions) than our previous one and is easier to transport. Some pictures of the marquee in action….

New Marquee

Get set, Ready, Go….

and 60 seconds later...

and 60 seconds later…

The New Marquee in Action

The New Marquee in Action

Complete with Sides

and Complete with Sides

Many thanks South Cambs DC!

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  1. Christie Marrian

    Correspondence with the good folks at SCDC

    Sent: 08 July 2015 10:34
    To: Donaldson Kirstin
    Cc: Cllr Burkitt Francis
    Subject: RE: Grantchester Cricket Club Community Chest Grant Application

    Dear Kirstin,
    I’m forwarding to you an email sent out today to our members. If you follow the link you’ll see our written thanks and some photos of the new Marquee. I will of course complete the project report in due course.
    Grantchester Cricket Club has posted a new item.
    ‘We’ve Got a New Marquee!!’

    Sent: 08 July 2015 12:22
    To: ‘David Foster’
    Subject: RE: Grantchester Cricket Club Community Chest Grant Application

    Dear David,
    Thanks for sending this over. It’s great to see how our Community Chest Grants can help to support and improve local groups and facilities!
    All the best,

    Kirstin Donaldson | Projects Officer (SCDC)

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