Oct 26

Vital Statistics: 2014 Grantchester CC Batting Averages

Highest average? Greatest strike rate? Most susceptible to be dismissed LBW? Most 6’s? Did Not Bat leader? Thanks to AP and the GCC’s Records team we bring you answers to all these and lots more (vital) statistics from Grantchester CC’s finest in 2014! Scroll horizontally (bottom of Table) for more…..

RankPlayerGamesInnsRunsNot OutsHigh ScoreAvg50s100s4s6sDucksRun RateBowled %Caught %LBW %Stumped %Run out %Not Out %Did Not Bat %Games Won %Games Lost %Games Drawn %Team Runs %
1 Jamie Menzies873295114*164.5111007114140007113880024
2 Alex Stafford12116066108*121.26111401060360095587501731
3 John Anderson9933348466.63020060113311004408901122
4 Fergus Wilson111018454936.80030210020300005098201810
5 Daniel Farman551381104*34.5010020402020002008002016
6 Finlay Wilson312502525000001000000067670336
7 Toby Lawes22400322000410152505000000500012
8 William Wray141114633718.300001339559002721790216
9 Oliver Lawes434002113.300000430100000025250506
10 Huw Corcoran3213113*13000015000005033670332
11 Sam Ludford856401812.8001003840400020038880135
12 Guy Lane867402512.30000050330170025630385
13 C D'Oyly11120121200000100000000001007
14 G D'Oyly222301611.500000005050000500507
15 Phil Myers655402510.800100420802000017830175
16 Tony Kennedy7430124*1000002050000252543710143
17 Jake Jones64340218.50000025502500033100003
18 Chris Morrison13748137*8000040145714001446770152
19 Mark Goulder33230137.70000042067003300670335
20George Hill2211075.500000001000000500504
21George Lewin-Smith31505500000001000006767001
22 Oliver Grant328084000011000000033670332
23 Dave Fox63221*2000013300006750100000
24 David Berman434031.3000013367000025250501
25 Steve Wilson211011000001000000050100000
26 Mark Dawkins210000000010010000050100000
27 David Berman110000000010010000000100000
28 M Baker21414*000000000010050100001
29 Steve Bowller11111*00000000001000001001
30 J Greggain4101000000000010075500250
31 Jonty Este11515*00000000001000001003
32 Harry Lawes1159159*1000000000100000040

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