Jul 07

Anyone for Crennis?

The word is getting out that stuff is happening at Spring Lane! This time it was a couple of folks asking about the ‘open air service’ as we were put up the sight screens (presumably as an altar backdrop prior to our ritual sacrifice on a length). Last week it was folks looking for the …

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Jul 04

Authoritative Author-ity

“Hi, sorry I’m a bit late” I said trying to pre-empt a rather serious looking Dave and Jerry as I finally made it to Spring Lane. I was clearly not the first to arrive as the usual scurrying around as the ground was prepared was in evidence. “Good evening, you’re looking authoritative” came the reply. …

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Jun 29

Ipso Facto Cricetus

“Are you the philosophy group?” asked the elderly lady, who had driven her friend down to Spring Lane in the mistaken impression that the motley crew erecting a marquee at 9am last Saturday must have been serious thinkers rather than – well, that other pursuit so beloved of habitues of the Blue Ball Inn, namely: …

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Jun 18

Ties Across the Ocean

In good time for the 4th July celebrations, delightful news reaches us from Ralph Gillis, a Grantchester Cricket Club member based in Boston, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, former outpost of the British Empire: Attached are two photos with the GCC tie.  First is with a print of “old Ironsides” which is the frigate, USS Constitution, which …

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Jun 14


March II v Grantchester CC  9/6/2013 Welcome to Fenland! A cold, grey afternoon. Big pitch, believed to be an old marshalling yard, consequently an intimidatingly large boundary.  This was very much a proper pitch, complete with professional scoring box and permanent pavilion – a heady treat for the travel-weary Grantchester cohort. Playing a very young …

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Jun 11

Immortalised onto Canvas

Artist & Photographer Charlie Pryor has created this delightful painting of our cricket pitch together with the River Cam idling through the meadows. Entitled “Grantchester Cricket Field”, it captures the essence of Spring Lane superbly. More details can be found by visiting his website, where you can also order copies of the picture and browse …

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Jun 07

For Whom the Bell Tolls

While Istanbul blazed and Prague swam, on the pleasant shore of the Cambridge Riviera, two dormant cricketing super-powers briefly woke. With Conington, home to one of the oldest bells in Cambridgeshire, it seemed strangely apposite that Tony Kennedy, Cambridgeshire’s second oldest peeler should open the bowling. And open it he did. With Sam Ludford nobly …

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Jun 05

Taking the Pith

WAG’S BLOG: GRANTCHESTER V CONINGTON BEST DRESSED The competition is hotting up (maybe something to do with the weather) but, yet again, the top slot goes to a man on the field rather than those in the crowd. Perhaps realising that the previous week’s match against the ferociously-red-baseball-capped team of Ickleton had seen bare-headed Grantchester …

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May 30

A Shaggy Dog Story

“Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war…” Except that the hound that made the pitch invasion as Grantchester Cricket Club took on an XI from Ickleton for our first full game of 2013 wasn’t so much a dog of war, as that tail-wagging pacific pooch Boris Wilson. But, as wagging tails would turn …

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May 21

Fifty Shades of Frock

Ickleton visited Spring Lane on Sunday for a (I still can’t quite believe it) sunny, uninterrupted game of cricket. Unfortunately, GCC’s cricket did not quite live up to the meteorological conditions as you will read in the soon to appear match report. Here, I’d rather focus on another area of the game where I felt …

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May 17

Pitch & Bitch

Hello and welcome to the first (if Cap’n Wilson allows them) of the GCC Wags Blogs. Forget googlies and yorkers and boring things like runs and overs, the real action is all about what happens off the pitch. Although you do all look rather sweet in your white trousers, so do carry on, boys. This …

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Apr 02

Grantchester Charity Runs 2013

The 2013 Grantchester 10k and 3k Charity Runs will take place on the 6th October. The 10k route will be the same acclaimed circular cross- country route as last year except that it will start from Spring Lane cricket field….

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