Jul 22

It Costs You Nothing To Be Polite (a Tour p.s.)

Money Cannot Buy....True, our younger element think me ‘old school’ but home from Derbyshire I wrote to The Duke of Devonshire to thank him for the Chatsworth game. The Duke is from an even ‘older school’ and, of course, has replied.

p.s. Lord Archer did much the same recently when he politely declined an invitation to join The Other LX Club party at The Blue Ball with Messrs. Bailey, Heath, Kitteridge and me. We had a great time. He spent the Saturday at Lord’s watching a rampant Australia. Who had the better day out?



From: The Duke of Devonshire < ......>
Date: 20 July 2015 14:32:33 BST
To: [email protected]……
Subject: your card

Dear Mr Kennedy

Thank you so much for your card about your good experience as a touring cricketer visiting the Chatsworth CC; it was most kind of you to write

Billy Khan is indeed a wonderful Captain and a big ambassador for Chatsworth cricket and indeed for Chatsworth. I passed on your kind remarks and he was modest but clearly delighted.

Best wishes

Stoker Devonshire

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  1. Steve

    Well done TK!

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