May 06

GCC Caps are Here … and There (the USA that is)

and jolly splendid they are too. The first tranche has been snapped up but more are being ordered so please contact Dave Foster if interested. They are elasticated, comfortable and have many handy features including the GCC logo on the front to aid you in putting them on the right way round….



Not Correct

Not Correct

other people look good in them too…..
Sam 2015-05-05 19.03.21

they have reached the US of A

Caps Across the Pond

Caps Across the Pond

although the match with a certain popular US beverage is perhaps slightly unfortunate…

clearly inspire the wearer in mystical ways….

Ralph in Hingham, MA

Ralph Gillis in Hingham, MA

and last but by no means least they make great artwork….

Still Life with cap

Still life with Cap

ps Caps not intended for interior use.

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