Oct 09

GCC 2017 Batting & Bowling Averages

Captain Dan Farman has done it again. The GCC Averages are out well, well in advance of this year’s Annual Dinner! Congratulations to John Anderson & Chris Morrison


J. Anderson12587510283.86851551
J. Menzies74694104156.33462123
D. Farman1434216926.3146330
A. Stafford5225110256.25251221
F. Wilson1521314815.2129300
S. Ludford1113444919.1420100
J. Jones108642914.338100
W. Wray78633021.512100
N. Brealey4661522211010
O. Grant35902919.674500
P. Myers35513327.59100
G. D'Oyly25303726.56100
D. Berman9430144.785000
M. Jones54111410.258000
C. Morrison634414172000
T. Keith-Roach232019161200
K. Munir23102115.53000
M. Carrick7291174.834000
T. Kennedy322115111100
G. Lewin-Smith222019114000
K. Sverdrup6211154.23000
T. Munir22102010.51100
A. Kennedy219118193000
T. Hayden118118-3000
T. Lawes114014144000
Fin Wilson180882000
W. Thwaites37163.50000
M. Hughes170771000
M. Baker46041.50000
H. Pemberton261661000
G. Riches140441000
T. Andesron130330000
W. Anderson100100000


C. Morrison63.583192214.505.024-13
J. Jones59.58186199.793.134-10
S. Ludford5723611132.826.333-44
M. Baker3612091020.905.813-27
M. Carrick294166918.445.724-42
W. Wray283150350.005.361-23
J. Menzies274135719.295.003-14
A. Kennedy242109715.574.543-16
A. Stafford23.3884516.803.614-7
D. Farman210109618.175.193-6
T. Munir19178239.004.111-15
W. Thwaites181102425.505.671-7
M. Jones13258319.334.461-4
K. Munir12053317.674.422-30
N. Brealey8059159.007.381-40
Fin Wilson702939.674.143-29
B. Potter50480-9.60-
T. Kennedy4039219.509.752-39
T. Hayden41522.501.252-5
T. Anderson4013113.003.251-13
G. Riches40380-9.50-
F. Wilson30400-13.33-
H. Pemberton30150-5.00-
T. Lawes2016116.008.001-16
W. Anderson20150-7.50-
D. Berman10190-19.00-
K. Sverdrup10220-22.00-
O. Grant10230-23.00-
G. Lewin-Smith10120-12.00-
T. Keith-Roach1040-4.00-

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