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Please feel free to contact us (via the form below) with any questions, requests, suggestions or if you want to find out more about any aspect of our club. Details of the Club, its ground and the sort of people we are can be found here and on the Grantchester Cricket Club Facebook page.

In particular: we are looking to expand its fixture list and are interested in hearing from Clubs who are looking to play friendly cricket. Please contact Sam Ludford on [email protected]

Also, if you are interested in playing friendly cricket at our riverside ground just outside Cambridge, please contact, Steve Wilson on 07825 816891 or [email protected]

Alternatively use the form below


  1. martin duff

    Hello, can you send me your results for your 10km run for Athletics Weekly?

    Thanks in advance

    Martin Duff
    Athletics Weekly

    1. Christie Marrian

      Hi Martin
      Thanks for getting in touch. Results have been sent via e-mail!
      Christie on behalf of the Grantchester Charity Run organizers

  2. Peter Hall

    Wonder if you can help us?

    We are a social eleven called Hayfield Gnomads who reside in the High Peak of Derbyshire and who would like to Tour in the Cambridge area early September 2015 .

    From your local knowledge are there any cricket teams ( Third Elevens / Pub sides ) whom we could contact please ?

    Many thanks,

    Peter Hall

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