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Feb 18

Averages 2011

Nov 14

End of Season Report

Played 9.  Won 6.  Lost 3. It’s not often we are accused of playing too hard but we were this season! I won’t reveal which team made this scurrilous accusation but it does reflect our improved playing standards. Could it be the winter nets, improved fitness standards or our lovely scorers new found ability to …

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Oct 14

Match Report: vs Dullingham

And so to the final game of the 2011 season and under grey skies “The Grantchester” headed East to Dullingham.  Twenty years ago (November 1991 to be exact) the village of Dullingham was struck by a freak tornado which caused substantial damage.  Would history repeat itself? The prospect of rain made this an important toss …

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Sep 30

Match Report: vs Conington part 2

“Country house cricket” featured in numerous novels and plays of the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: “England their England” is perhaps the best known followed closely by Hugh de Selincourt’s “The Cricket Match” and various of E.W. Hornung’s short stories featuring “Raffles: the Amateur Cracksman”. One of the best known patrons of this arcadian …

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Aug 28

Stiffkey 2011

Aug 17

Match Report: vs Conington part 1

In retrospect the signs were ominous. A seemingly strong team……… last minute absences………..everyone had enough kit…………even fielding practice went well. Surely all was set for Grantchester to revenge last year’s heavy defeat. And yet? Ugly rumours were circulating. Had our keeper really been punting down the Cam dressed only in his boxers? Did one of …

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Jul 18

Match Report: GCC vs Hemingford

Where are battles won? Apart from the valour shown in the white heat of combat there are the all too often unrecognised hours of training and preparation that go on before the battle even begins. The Friday evening basked in the slowly setting sun and a perfect evening of cricket was to unfold. The Hemmingford …

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Jul 05

Match Report: Testudo & Profumo at Cambridge University Press

Genius is not only characterised by success but by strong levels of variation. The good achieve reliably but genius can so easily falter between brilliance and disaster. And so it was for the GCC team on this sun drenched Sunday. The bowling attack of GCC was ferocious, inspired and (mostly) accurate. Jake and Adam were …

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Jun 17

Match Report: Philanderers Truncated by Dominant GCC

A depressing blanket of pendulous grey cloud hung over the Clare college cricket pitch as the teams prepared to do battle. The Philanderers batsmen stood at the crease for some ten minutes or so as chaos prevailed amongst the Blue Ballers as to whom was playing and also their whereabouts. In the end we took …

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Jun 12

Match Report: GCC Sunk by Stiffkey in Nelson’s County

Our second official tour to North Norfolk saw a plucky Grantchester XI beaten by a determined Stiffkey.  Injuries and a brace of motorcycle breakdowns saw Grantchester robbed of both players and supporters and it was not until twenty minutes before 2 o’clock that the Grantchester team was confirmed. Winning the toss Stiffkey decided to bat …

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May 25

Scorecard: GCC vs Girton Village CC

May 23

Match Report: GCC vs Girton Village

In these days of spring time drought one conjures up the lines in T S Eliot’s The Wasteland: A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief ……I will show you fear in a handful of dust. On day when the pitch was unforgiving, …

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