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Mar 20

The History of Grantchester Cricket Part II: 1850 – 1870

In the first part of this occasional series we looked at Grantchester Cricket in the 1840’s and saw an established club playing regular fixtures against nearby villages and town sides. In addition the newspaper reports of the time tell of abandoned matches, “an excellent dinner of which 51 partook” and a suggestion that the Grantchester players may have …

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Nov 18

Grantchester Cricket in the 1980’s

Blue Ball cricket in the early 1980’s was a pretty casual affair made up from an eclectic mix of individuals from Cambridge and surrounding villages. Pete Brauer was captain though we always called him Pete “Man” because when he first turned up to play when asked his name replied “Its Pete, man.” He skippered for quite some time …

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Nov 11

The History of Grantchester Cricket Part 1: “The Early Years”

The first definite record of cricket in Grantchester comes from 1843 when the Cambridge Independent Press (and when did we last have one of those?) reported that, “On Thursday 3rd August, Grantchester played Sawston” and, “stumps being pitched at 11.00 the game commenced”.  This is the earliest existing record but I think it’s reasonable to assume that if …

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