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Jul 20

Grantchester Charity 3k

….and here are some photos from the Grantchester Charity 3k Course

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Jul 14

Grantchester Charity Runs are Raising Funds for a Nippy Ventilator

This year, the Grantchester Charity Runs are teaming with the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust to raise funds for a Nippy Junior Ventilator. What exactly is a Ventilator, you may ask. Well I’m glad you did because I was wondering the same thing….

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Mar 31

2015 Grantchester Charity Runs: Sunday, October 11th, Registration Open

This year sees the introduction of new courses for both runs through attractive farmland adjacent to Grantchester. Importantly, there are no awkward road crossings in fact there are no road crossings at all. The courses are predominantly flat so we are expecting fast times! Registration and Sponsorship links…

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Oct 13

3k and 10k Runners

Scenes from the Start/Finish of the 2014 Grantchester Charity Runs with the 3k (yellow) and 10k (blue) participants. Thanks Paul!!

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Oct 08

Photos from the Grantchester Charity Runs

You have to get up really early to be a Grantchester Charity Run Marshall (Sam Ludford, header image) or even earlier if you are the lead Organizer (Wiz, below)!!

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Oct 07

2014 Grantchester Charity Runs: Report and Results….

A glorious day awaited the 200+ runners for the 2014 Grantchester Charity Runs starting at the Grantchester Cricket Club Spring Lane Ground (which was looking an absolute picture) over our cross country course…..

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Oct 07

Grantchester Charity 3k Results, 2014

Oct 06

2014 Grantchester Charity Runs: 10k Results

All the results from the 10k run from October, 2014

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Aug 19

Grantchester Charity 10k & 3k Runs, 2014

The 2014 Grantchester Charity 10k and 3k Runs will take place on Sunday 5th October…..

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Grantchester Charity Runs in the News

2012 First, some photos Cambridge Network Cambridge News WI Blogspot 2013 Some photos ACT News Cambridge News Cambridge News 2 2014 Grantchester Village 2015 Cambridge News

Grantchester Charity Runs of the Past

The Grantchester Cricket Club Fun Runs started in 2011  to support  the establishment of the new ground at Spring Lane in Grantchester, Cambridge and a way to support some great local charities. The 2012 edition saw some significant improvements such as the introduction of a ‘road-crossing free’ 3k option, starting/finishing from the Club ground at …

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Addenbrookes Charitable Trust

  The Grantchester Cricket Club has been actively supporting the Addenbrookes Charitable Trust through organizing the Grantchester Charity Runs and fund raising activities. In 2012, sponsorship monies raised at the Fun Runs went to the Big Push for the Rosie Hospital, in 2013, the Healing Hearts Campaign and in 2014 the Addenbrooke’s Breast Cancer Appeal. …

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