Nov 03

Averages 2012





2012 Batting Averages (Qualification: 4 innings)

NameInningsRunsHigh ScoreNot OutsAverage
J Innes4198753198
AP Stafford10514117*6128.5
M Goulder517050*385
J Anderson820649*341.2
M Dawkins510648126.5
C Marian44027*220
P Myers45119012.7
S Wilson76915*111.5
M Jones77226010.2
F Wilson5451209
T Kennedy7501918.3
S Ludford6302216
N Woods617813.4

2012 Bowling Averages (Qualification: 10 Overs)

F Wilson24581108.1
D Fox22.3190118.18
AP Stafford32.40125148.9
S Ludford10156511.2
D Foster33.521971612.3
M Jones281101812.6
M Dawkins13054413.5
T Kennedy4231971117.9
N Woods272134719.1
Also bowled:A PotterS AlperJ InnesM GoulderJ Clutterbuck
Leading catchers:AP Stafford (7)P Myers (6)S Wilson (5)Stumpings:J Greggain (2)

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