Feb 18

Averages 2011

2011 Batting Averages (Qualification: 3 innings)

NameInningsRunsHigh ScoreNot OutsAverage
AP Stafford721475*471.3
T Kennedy614338347.7
S Ludford711234*437.3
T Offord69930*224.8
S Wilson49154022.8
D Crowther68430221
A Potter68527*117
F Wilson43211*216
N Woods5492709.8
D Berman42211417.3
M Jones520526.7
S Bowller41110*13.7
Also batted: TaylorP MyersK RoosChappell

2011 Bowling Averages (Qualification: 10 Overs)

D Berman201728.5
AP Stafford408167189.27
D Foster17.3066611
A Potter313112618.66
D Crowther254133719
M Jones292160820
N Woods303141720.14
J Jones10228128
S Ludford17.10114428.5
T Kennedy27688329.3
D Fox6220210
K Roos402839.3
Also bowled:R StaffordT OffordF Wilson
Leading catchers:A Potter (5)N Woods (4)P Myers (3)

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