Jun 17

A Visit to the Coast…

Sheringham CC, 10/6/17

GCC extends its hearty maritime thanks to the bold, brave and generous souls who contributed so freely and selflessly to the Club’s visit to the highly-individual coastal gem that is Sheringham; and, indeed, in its visit also to West Runton, home of the irresistible Rocky Bottoms and its seafood delights.

A Good Start!

Sunday’s remarkable victory against the hosts’ spirited combat was a fitting conclusion to a happy weekend of Club loyalty, dedication and energy.

The non-playing coaching and backroom staff of Foster, Travers and Wilson (S) offered, as always, a matchless platform upon which much of the team’s quite remarkable efforts were built.

There were no exceptions to a full Club display of prowess at the crease and/or in the field. Individual praise is of course not usually GCC’s way; but it is vital that mention, however fleetingly, is made of an astonishing foundation provided by an awesome opening stand from Anderson and Farman – patient, talented, artistic and indeed inspiring.

Support Crew…Supporting

Thank you and well done to you all.

ps: the hoteliers, restaurant owners and very many publicans of Sheringham and West Runton have expressed heartfelt (and certainly pocket-felt) thanks to all concerned.

pps: Thanks to SL, SW and Giorgio himself for their lens work

Off Pitch

On Pitch

Trainspotting @Sheringham Station

ppps Click on images for larger versions to, for example, truly appreciate Dave’s range of headgear

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