Nov 13

2014 Grantchester CC Fielding Averages

Corrected!!! This one is a bit simpler and (spoiler alert) Ferg clearly leads the way ….
ps New date for Quiz and Curry Night: Friday, 30th January, Grantchester Village Hall

RankPlayerWicket Keeping CatchesStumpingsTotal Wicket Keeping WicketsFielding CatchesRun OutsTotal Fielding Wickets
1 Alex Stafford101606
2 Fergus Wilson13114404
3 Chris Morrison000404
4 John Anderson000404
5 Jamie Menzies000303
6 William Wray000303
7 Huw Corcoran000303
8 Sam Ludford000202
9 Jake Jones000202
10 Mark Goulder000101
11 Oliver Grant000101
12 Matthew Jones000101
13 Dave Fox000101
14 David Berman000101
15 George Hill000101
16 ? Baker000101
17 Christie Marrian000101
18 Phil Myers202011
19 Toby Lawes000011
20 Jerry Greggain101000
21 Peter Owen000011

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