Nov 02

2014 Grantchester CC Bowling Averages

Best economy? Average? Strike rate? All answered although I admit the Best Bowling is a bit cryptic….. Don’t forget to scroll horizontally for more vital (bowling) statistics…..

RankNameOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest Bowling5 Wicket HaulEconomy RateStrike RateAveragePercentage BowledPercentage CaughtPercentage LBWPercentage StumpedPercentage Team Wicket
1 George Lewin-Smith201222-Dec066610000040
2 Toby Lawes133426Mar-1903.213767330038
3 Christie Marrian20162Feb-16086850500020
4 M Baker1625673-Apr03.513.78147101427
5 Jake Jones1823443-Feb01.9278.525750010
6 Fergus Wilson1023542-Nov03.5158.805050015
7 Dave Fox22.2210810Mar-1904.813.410.840600019
8 Alex Stafford436187153-Sep04.317.212.5333333022
9 David Foster60423Mar-1807121433670015
10 Jamie Menzies2621379Apr-3805.317.315.2224433019
11 Sam Ludford29.211519Mar-3005.219.516.8444411012
12 C D'Oyly1236032-Dec05242033670018
13 Mark Dawkins40221Jan-1405.524220100008
14 Chris Morrison721624915Feb-1803.243.216.6207010010
15 G D'Oyly110693Mar-2606.3222333670011
16 Finlay Wilson163703Feb-2304.43223.367330011
17 George Hill302411-Sep0818241000007
18 Oliver Lawes1901315Apr-3706.922.826.2060202019
19 T Anderson72281Jan-2804422800100017
20 Daniel Farman703111-May04.4423101000011
21 William Wray63.1532510Mar-3105.137.932.510900010
22 Tony Kennedy41523253-May05.749.246.440204008
23 Huw Corcoran80671Jan-2308.448670100005

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